Super Model in a Bottle

I don't recall where I first heard the label "Super Model in a Bottle" when describing Benefit's High Beam luminizer, but I gotta say it is a product I cannot live without.

True that when I use this product, the reflection in the mirror is not Cindy Crawford staring back at me, (yes I chose Cindy Crawford because growing up she was THE definition of Super Model) but I must say this product does give me that certain glow you only find in the magazines (or via photoshop).

I used up my first bottle of High Beam (I purchased it in 2003!) earlier this year and decided that I would peruse some new products to compare. Well my friends, nothing compares and I quickly picked up a new bottle and vowed never to leave its side again.

I use High Beam just on my cheek bones to give them a little extra definition, but other popular areas are on your brow bones and the bridge of your nose. Basically anywhere that you want to deflect light and make dewy. A little goes a long way, and I promise you will notice a difference immediately in pictures.

So let your inner Cindy, Linda, or Naomi out and work it like the true model you are!


Shelby said...

Ooh! You're blogging about something I actually HAVE! Can you believe it?? Avery and Carrie will be SHOCKED.

Lindsay said...

Ha! Nice work Shelby! :)


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